Paul van Dyk unveils ‘Fragmentation’ with Sean & DeePaul Van Dyk And Sean Dee Fragmentation

Paul van Dyk unveils ‘Fragmentation’ with Sean & Dee

Here’s some crispy melodic techno from one of the best to ever do it. Paul van Dyk.

Joined by newcomers Sean & Dee, the OG PvD continues to evolve and explore new sounds on ‘Fragmentation.” Crafted alongside the talented Italian duo, his latest exploration gets deep and dynamic — a blur of progressive trance and melodic techno. Van Dyk and his newfound collaborators skillfully balance intensity with an elegance that thrums amidst a relentless percussion. Synths burst and swirl with emotion while a low end engine chugs along with a non-stop percussive pulse.

It’s the type of track you can lose yourself in.

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