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Ray Volpe rises to new heights with diverse Monstercat EP, ‘VOLPETRON ASCENDS’

At long last, Ray Volpe has unleashed his long-awaited EP, VOLPETRON ASCENDS. The third installment of the EP series—following Rise Of The Volpetron in 2021 and Legend Of The Volpetron in 2022—Volpe adds an extra three EP pieces on Monstercat following both “HAPPY SONG” and “EAT SLEEP RAGE,” which each built an ample amount of excitement in the months leading up to the EP’s full arrival.

Blending together bass house, melodic bass, dubstep, trap and more, VOLPETRON ASCENDS is a testament to Volpe’s versatility and talent as he reconfirms that no genre is safe from his production grasp. And on top of the EP’s two singles, Volpe tacks on “ASCENSION,” “IT ISN’T ME” with Dancing Astronaut Supernova RUNN, and lastly, “DROP EM.” Still building off the momentum that “Laserbeam” had throughout 2022 and beyond, VOLPETRON ASCENDS solidifies Volpe as a producer that’s more than capable of crafting countless hard-hitting, genre-blurring tracks. With each subsequent release in the wake of “Laserbeam,” Volpe has shown that it was simply a titanic win in a string of many. Speaking on his VOLPETRON ASCENDS EP, Volpe dove into the success of “Laserbeam” and overcoming the mental barriers of following it up, explaining,

“This EP means a lot to me. After the last year of explosive growth, I felt an immense amount of pressure to “follow it up” and keep the momentum going. It caused me to hit a brick wall for a bit, but eventually I broke through and made a collection of what feels like my best work to date. It’s an incredibly exciting and creatively fulfilling feeling.”

Featured image: Marcus Laurore

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