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Dancing Astronaut’s can’t-miss sets at Electric Zoo 2022

It’s about to be Electric Zoo weekend all over again. But before we make our way back to Randall’s Island to celebrate the unofficial end to the summer, we’re taking a moment to spotlight select sets from a handful of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2022, Dancing Astronaut Breakout Artists of Year, and a few favorites that deserve to be on the schedule of everyone attending this year.

With a lineup that checks off just about every box imaginable on top of four all-new stage designs courtesy of The Brooklyn Mirage team—following the announcement that Avant Gardner had acquired both Made Event and Electric Zoo back in June—Electric Zoo’s “3.0” edition has all the promise to end up being one of the most memorable Labor Day Weekends in its decade plus-history. With the complete timetable for Electric Zoo’s return having been shared over the weekend, we figured that now is as good of a time as any to run through our list of some can’t-miss sets, including—in order of performing time—Rossy, Jason Ross, Porter Robinson, Pauline Herr, Surf Mesa, Moore Kismet, John Summit, Seven Lions, and Martin Garrix.

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When: Friday, September 2 @ 4:30-5:30PM ET

Where: Morphosis

The trap queen is making her Electric Zoo debut on its first day to get the festival weekend going. Rossy has done everything to uphold her placement into the class of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2022, including releases on both Lowly and Deadbeats, back-to-back sets at Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge, her first-ever appearance at HARD Summer, and plenty more. And for those that haven’t been able to witness the trap queen in the New York area since the pandemic, Electric Zoo is undoubtedly the time to fully understand why she’s earned that genre title.

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Jason Ross

When: Friday, September 2 @ 7:45-8:45PM ET

Where: Levitron

Jason Ross is headed back to Electric Zoo for the first time since 2018. Having just kicked off his The Atlas tour at The Hollywood Palladium the weekend prior, Jason Ross’ sophomore album of the same name on Dancing Astronaut‘s defending label of the year will make its way to New York City for what’s guaranteed to be one of the festival’s top sets when it’s all said in done. From Dancing Astronaut‘s 2021 track of the year “One More Day” to new Ophelia Records album cuts like “Take You Home” to tracks like “After You” with Gryffin and Calle Lehmann, there’s no question that Morphosis is where you should be as the sun falls during day one of Electric Zoo.

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Porter Robinson

When: Friday, September 2 @ 9:45-11:00PM ET

Where: Antheon

Porter Robinson was originally supposed to bring Nurture live back to New York City after a three-night run at Avant Gardner this past October. But due to a recent redesign of Electric Zoo’s mainstage, his appearance has been converted to a DJ set. And that isn’t a negative in the slightest considering what he did at EDC Las Vegas this past May, where he played an incredibly eclectic set and even donned his Virtual Self alias for a surprise 15-minute ending. The end of night one is already split between an unthinkable four-way set conflict between him, Tchami, Seven Lions and Dimibo’s Abraxis project, Tchami, and Apashe, and while there’s really no wrong answer here, another legendary DJ set from the mind behind Nurture is inbound.

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Pauline Herr

When: Saturday, September 2 @ 1:00-2:15PM ET

Where: Antheon

Pauline Herr is another member of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2022 that will join the Electric Zoo lineup family come Labor Day Weekend. And there’s no other way that we could ring in day two than with her set. Having just delivered her three-sided collaborative EP with TWERL—which we’ll more than likely get to hear come September 2—Herr has proven time and time again in 2022 alone that she falls under dance music’s rare triple-threat umbrella, making for a must-see performance atop Electric Zoo’s Antheon stage.

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Featured image: Robert Flagg

Surf Mesa

When: Saturday, September 3 @ 3:15-4:15PM ET

Where: Antheon

Another one of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2022 that’s set to make their Electric Zoo introduction this Labor Day Weekend is Surf Mesa. Shortly following Pauline Herr’s set, the now 22-year-old Astralwerks signee will deservedly join an already brimming Antheon lineup. In between playing at Ultra, Outside Lands, Hangout Fest, and Lollapalooza as well as releasing music with Nitti Gritti and joining Whethan’s incoming The Midnight Fantasy Tour, Surf Mesa deserves a spot on your Electric Zoo schedule during day two.

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Moore Kismet

When: Saturday, September 3 @ 4:30-5:30PM ET

Where: The Landing

It clearly wouldn’t be a list of Dancing Astronaut‘s can’t-miss performances at Electric Zoo without our Breakout Artist of 2020. Moore Kismet is currently enjoying what’s been nothing short of a historic year, including becoming one of the youngest performers in the rich history of both EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland and delivering their debut album, UNIVERSE. And after helping to open Electric Zoo’s inaugural day back in 2021, Kismet is making a Randall’s Island reunion for a stop amidst their coinciding album’s live run, where we’ll hopefully get to witness album cuts “Wasteland” on top of a bucket of yet-to-be released music from their post-album era.

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Featured image: Tyler Rittenhouse

John Summit

When: Saturday, September 3 @ 5:15-6:15 ET

Where: Antheon

Immediately following Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artist of 2020’s set comes Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artist of 2021‘s set. Electric Zoo seemed to learn its lesson from Ultra that John Summit couldn’t be placed anywhere other than Antheon. Having played the Sunday School stage a year prior, Summit will head back to Randall’s Island on a much larger scale for an hour that’ll be filled with one tech-house heater after the next, likely dropping music from Off The Grid‘s incoming debut compilation, “What A Life” with Guz, his “Escape” remix, and much more. And while there will be plenty of videos on Dancing Astronaut‘s socials, those reading this on the opposite side of the country will have the chance to witness him live this fall when he takes over Los Angeles’ The Shrine for back-to-back nights.

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Seven Lions

When: Sunday, September 4 @ 8:10-9:10 ET

Where: Antheon

The Ophelia Records boss is back at Electric Zoo to help tie the bow on its 2022 festival. Having been recruited for a third consecutive year, Seven Lions was already atop Electric Zoo’s most-anticipated sets of the weekend, but even more so now considering his debut album Beyond the Veil lands the following month. With the LP’s sophomore single due to arrive at the onset of Electric Zoo, the melodic dubstep king will hopefully package it with more Beyond the Veil cuts as well as forthcoming Ophelia Records releases when he takes the Antheon decks on the final night of Electric Zoo. And there’s nowhere else we’d rather be when it all happens.

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Featured image: Louis van Baar

Martin Garrix

When: Sunday, September 4 @ 9:30-11:00PM ET

Where: Antheon

To absolutely no one’s surprise, we’ll be ending our Electric Zoo weekend with the legend behind the masterpiece that is “Poison.” Martin Garrix last joined Electric Zoo in 2018 and four years later, he’s headed to Randall’s Island to wrap up the entire festival. A potential Dancing Astronaut 2022 Artist of the Year candidate, the STMPD RCRDS founder will be bringing his debut album Sentio for his first set in the city that never sleeps since that forenamed Electric Zoo appearance, where he’ll also likely unlock new label IDs and power through countless classics from over the years. And prepare to see about a million Garrix videos on our socials that evening considering he’ll make his long-awaited Brooklyn Mirage debut with Justin Mylo immediately following his Electric Zoo finale.

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